EDUCA expanded the concept and changed the name into “The Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development” to support services that would meet teachers’ and school staff’s needs. The theme of this year was “Reform, Reform, Reform” which reflected the necessity of effective reformation in educational realm. Three things that we should ‘reform’ simultaneously are people, systems, and processes. The participants could discover how to reform these three components in EDUCA 2011.
EDUCA had been honoured by multiple world-class speakers such as Sir Michael Barber in “Whole System Reform” to show a bigger view of school reform, and Prof. Howard Gardner, Ph.D., the creator of Multiple Intelligences (MIs) theory and how to support overall development of students in “Multiple Intelligences and Five Minds for the Future”. It was such a wonderful opportunity for government officers, educators, instructors, and others personnel in the field of education to discuss and exchangetheir knowledge and experience with these experts.
The Event featured:
International Conference through 3 different concepts
1st Concept: Whole System Reform
“How the World’s Best Performing Systems Come out on Top and How the World’s Most Improved Systems Keep Getting Better?” by Sir Michael Barber, Director of Education Strategy and Planning of McKinsey & Company, Former Chief Advisor to Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, UK
2nd Concept: Curriculum and Instruction Reform
“Curriculum Development, Learning and the 21st Century Skills” by Prof. Jyrki Loima, Ph.D., Administrative Principal, The University of Helsinki Demonstration School, Finland
“Differentiated Instructions for the Differentiated Classrooms” by Mrs. Julie Hoo, Principal, The Raffles Girls’ School, Singapore and Mrs. Mary Cheriyan, Director of Pedagogical Research Laboratory, The Raffles Girls’ School
“Beyond the Informative Teaching & Learning” by Assoc. Prof. Khunying Sumonta Promboon, Ph.D., Member of the Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education and Member of the Board of the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology
3rd Concept: Mind and Intelligence Reform
“Multiple Intelligences and Five Minds for the Future Multiple Intelligences and Teacher Education” by Prof. Howard Gardner, Ph.D., Psychologist and Educator from Harvard University, USA, and the creator of Multiple Intelligences and Five Minds
Variety of Workshops in response to the actual needs of teachers and their professional development
Principal Forum for primary and secondary school administrators, the very first of its kind under the topic of “Principal Forum: Changemaker – From Good to Great”