EDUCA 2012

The 5th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development

Teachers as Learners

EDUCA 2012 had changed its venue to Impact Forum (Hall 9), Muang Thong Thani for the first time to expand its capacity and the Event was organised under the theme of “Teachers as Learners”. The theme was chosen based on the intention to develop teachers to be a role model in learning in Thai society. All the Event activities were designed and created in response to the different needs in teachers’ learning process.
The Event featured:
International Conference that brought up the topic of educational strategies, past actions and procedures to Finland’s success, China’s education development guidelines – the superpower eastern country which is on the move under an enormous education system – and, lastly, lessons and experiences from the world’s leading countries in education such as Scotland, USA, and England
- "Educational Strategic Transition: The Road to Improvements in Finnish Education over the Past 20 Years” by Prof. Hannele Niemi, Ph.D., Professor of Education, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, and Chair of CICERO Learning Network, Finland
- “China’s Teacher Training for the New Basic Education Curriculum Reform: Its Impact on Teaching and Learning” by Prof. Xiangming Chen, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Director of Center for Basic Education and Teacher Education at Graduate School of Education, Beijing University, China
- “Curriculum for Excellence – How Curriculum Development can Lead to Improvements in Teaching and Learning” by David Cameron, Independent Consultant, Former President, The Association of Directors of Education Scotland and member of the Implementation Board for Curriculum for Excellence, Scotland
- “The Advancement of Teaching in the United States of America: Setting Higher Standard and Creating Engagement of Teachers through these Standards for quality Teaching in America” by Dr. Ronald Thorpe, CEO and President of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the United States of America
- “The Role of the National Supervisory Service System in the Advancement and Promotion of Culture for Educational Development” by Roy Blatchford, Ph.D., Founder Chairman, National Education Trust (NET) and Former Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools in England, England
More than 100 Workshop Sessions including every aspect of learning management  in response to teacher's professional development
The 2nd Principal Forum under the topic of “The Changing World and The Challenging Administration”
Exhibition of educational goods, technologies and innovations which can support teaching and learning.