EDUCA 2014

The 7th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development

Assessment for Learning : Wrong Questions Never Yield Right Answers

          EDUCA 2014 – The 7th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development was aimed to raise social awareness that education is crucial for everyone, especially “teachers” who are like a sprigboard that can develop the education. This year, EDUCA held the event with the theme of “Assessment for Learning: Wrong Questions Never Yield Right Answers”.
          If we believe in the power of educational philosophy which focuses on the development of every child to learn with their full potential, assessment for learning is the important strategy since it will enable teachers to observe and assess students at any time. Thus, teacher will be able to understand and catch up with the students’ learning as well as improve their own teaching to constantly enhance the student's learning. This could eventually result in a lifelong learning for the students and teachers, themselves, can also earn their professional development along the process. Assessment for learning was one of the topics many international conferences have been focusing on for quite some time as well as in Singapore which is one of the world's leading countries in the field of education. EDUCA 2014 had also been honored by a number of professionals worldwide including Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Finland, Canada, and New Zealand to share their thoughts on such an important topic.
The Event featured:
International Conference - 6 educational professionals from the world's leading countries in education under the concept of assessment for learning featuring
- "The Role of National and Classroom Level Assessment in Education” by Prof. Jari Lavonen, Head of Teacher Education Department, University of Helsinki, Finland
- “Assessment for Learning: Questioning and Feedback to Understand and Enhance Learning” by Hon. Assoc. Prof. Rita Shuk Yin Berry, Assessment Research Center, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong
- “Assessment for Learning: Wrong Answers can Yield Good Insights” by Clinical Professor Michael Askew, Monash University, Australia
International Workshop Sessions from the original Speakers on the topic of "Flip Your Classroom" and "Team-based Learning"
More than 200 workshops run by various experts from different field of expertise for teachers to choose based on their interest for free.
Principal Forum on the topic of "The Importance of Principals: Social Studies and Nationhood"
Special Seminar by special speakers from the Embassy of Finland on the topic of "New Trends in Finnish Education"
Academic Seminar by e-Learning Association of Thailand
Education and technological good and services exhibition and Model classrooms