EDUCA 2015

The 8th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development

On Schooling

          EDUCA 2015 – The 8th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development has gathered educational knowledge from experts both in Thailand and around the world for teachers, administrators and educators throughout the nation. This year's theme is “On Schooling” focusing on classrooms and schools which are considered the starting point towards the quality learning of students with an emphasis on learning management for students. With this, it will empower Thai education reformation both in a sustainable fashion.


          EDUCA 2015 presented you with knowledge and lessons on reforming classrooms and schools throughout the globe based on “Think Across” principle in its International Conference, special seminars from the Embassy of Finland and the Embassy of South Korea. With these activities, participants can learn a variety of lessons from educational experts around the world such as “Securing Learning that Matters” by Prof. Mick Waters, Wolverhampton University, UK, “Lesson Study for Learning Community – An Approach to School Reform” by Asst. Prof. Eisuke Saito, Ph.D., National Institute of Education, Singapore, “The Successful Approaches of New Teacher Induction by Ellen Moir, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The New Teacher Center, USA, etc. In addition, there would also be a special seminar on the topic of “Innovations on Distant Education in Thailand and Overseas” which is sponsored by DLTV and DLIT.


          Moreover, the Event featured “Principal Forum” which is a forum for kindergarten, primary education, and secondary education which have implemented “Think Ahead” principal in building leadership among principals. The discussion will be under the topic of “Principal in the Role of Instructional Leadership and Creating School for Every Child”. Lastly, there would be almost 200 workshop sessions available for teachers reflecting the mix of “Think Again” principal and Thai context. Teachers can choose the topic of their interests with no fare. Some examples of the interesting sessions are “Skills for Your Life, not only Life Skills”, “Education Reform for Authentic Learning”, “Various Assessment for Different Learning”, etc. Besides, There would be Model Classroom and educational innovations and technology exhibitions which can be applied in the classroom.