EDUCA 2016

The 9th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development

School as Learning Community (SLC)

EDUCA 2016 – The 9th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development was organized in collaboration between both public and private sectors; Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC); Ministry of Education; Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University; Thai Association of Science and Technology Education; and Pico (Thailand) Public Company Limited.  The theme of this year is “School as Learning Community” which is an educational concept developed for children to present to Thai teachers, school administrators, and educators nationwide in believing that this concept would solve national education problems because the future of any society is primarily based on the schools in the present. If we want to have a better society, we have to build a learning space in our classrooms and schools first.


The event features the following activities;
International Conference: Prof. Manabu Sato, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo, and Professor of Gakushuin University, Japan would lecture and share experiences about SLC under the topic of “School as Learning Community (SLC)”. He also joined international panel discussion in these following topics as well.
- “Improving Learning and Leadership through Lesson Study in Classrooms, Schools and Networks” by Prof. Peter Dudley, Ph.D., Honorary Visiting Professor School of Education, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
- “Educational Management for Children with Special Needs” by Mrs. Poh Mun See, Principal of Raffles Girls’ School, Republic of Singapore, and Mrs. Mary Cheriyan, Deputy Principal and Director of Centre for Pedagogical Research and Learning Raffles Girls’ School, Republic of Singapore
- “Current Status and Ongoing Service of Digital Learning in Korea (Focusing on Students-centered Learning Model)” by Duk-Hoon Kwak, Ph.D., Vice Chairman of SIGONG Media, President the Society of E-Learning, Emeritus Professor of Korea National Open University
- “From Behaviorism Teaching to Constructivism Learning: The Changing Landscapes of Taiwan’s SLC Classrooms” by Li-hua Lee Chen, Ph.D., Chair of Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, Tamkang University, Taiwan ROC
EDUCA Talk – a talk for ideas and inspirations, by teachers, for teachers” – This stage opened an opportunity for teachers to be speakers and listeners, and learned together through sharing thoughts, experiences, and teachers’ spirits. The main topic was “Straight to the Heart”.
“Book for Teacher” Project has a premiere event in EDUCA. This project aimed to empower learning to make a sustainable community.“Principal Forum” shared experiences and lessons from principals whose schools have implemented SLC concept. This year topic was “Principals, Visions, and Concept of School as Learning Community: SLC”
More than 150 workshops which cover every field of knowledge in response to teachers’ professional learning.
Educational Goods, Innovations and Technology Exhibition